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The Margit Brandt story began in Paris in the early 1960’s where the ambitious new design graduate went in search for challenges. In the capital of fashion, she was lucky to achieve an apprenticeship with the grand master of sophistication and elegance, Pierre Balmain. Margit Brandt’s innovative approach to fashion and her confident style soon won her recognition and brought her another rewarding career.

Margit Brandt introduced her first collection under the label B-age at the Copenhagen Fashion Fair in 1965.  In 2005, the brand Margit Brandt was re-launched has been reinvented and modernized in order to face the demand of the new generation of fashion consumers. Without losing sight of her trendsetting details of the 1960s to the 1980s, Margit Brandt has created a brand that reflects the future of fashion. Today, Margit Brandt Design is again a global brand with a strong and increasing presence in the women’s fashion market.